Stefano Petris looks for ancient faces, suspended between old civilizations and science.

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  • Stefano Petris - Illustration

Illustrations, Iron sculptures, Painting and Photography in his study in Pietrasanta (Lucca).

  • I was born in Pietrasanta in 1978 and, since I was a kid, drawing was my very first instrument that I had for freeing my imagination. Drawing is a gift that must never be curbed or put aside but constantly fed since it is the only ship that saves us from drowning in a sea of reality that sometimes suffocates us. With the passion at a young age for comics I enrolled in the mid-90s to the International School of Comics in Florence where, in addition to the comics basic skills, I learned to observe other people and to acquire knowledge from those who were more technically prepared. I firmly believe that art schools have many limitations and what is really important is a careful observation of the world and then work hard and give way to one's own potential to evolve and improve. We are not born with a well-defined artistic identity and I have had a pretty variable path that, after more than twenty years, still has not stopped changing. From the stylized drawing in black and white to the constant use of colour, from the ink techniques with brush to the mixed media. I have used everything: acrylic / tempera / watercolour / oil / pencils / markers and tools such as the airbrush or the trowel with which I paint. In recent years I have started using the graphic table to illustrate directly in digital: a medium thanks to which my artistic career has made a further step. Although I have continued to produce graphic Illustrations (which remain my greatest passion), I have also tried terracotta and metal Sculpture. What I love in this art, as for painting, is the direct contact with matter: I like to get my hands dirty, to touch the materials and to shape them in the three dimensions according to my language. I adore reading: books undoubtedly influence my art as well as history, ancient civilizations and science. It is all a balance between the antiquity and a futuristic world – this is the reason why I feel a stranger in this era and my imagination always goes back and forth in time. It is my nature to be always chasing what I cannot have, my gaze is always turned to the dark side of the Moon which has seen the past and will see the future. Time passes but I stand still on a sheet that is now full of colour and tomorrow will be white again.

Stefano Petris - autoritratto- scultore Stefano Petris - autoritratto - illustratore